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Mister QR (WARNING: app only available for android devices)
is a resin 20cms tall interactive toy sculpture with augmented reality by Emilio Subirá ( )
Everyone is one off, hand painted, signed and numbered.
As you buy this toy you will get a link to download de app (only avaible for android devices) So you can check what Mr QR is hiding behind his kind look!!

Mister QR (ADVERTENCIA: app solo disponible para android)
es una escultura (ar toy) interactivo con realidad aumentada creado por Emilio Subirá ( )
Todos son únicos, pintados a mano, firmados y numerados.
Al adquirir un Mister QR recibirás un link para descargarte la aplicación (solo disponible para android) para que puedas ver que es lo que Mr QR esconde trás su apariencia amable!!

Mister QR © all rights reserved Emilio Subirá 2015

Design and manufacture: Emilio subirá
App development: Jose Mateu

Edition by Emilio subirá
Music by Zerocabrera

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