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Work in progress: “e.Go Monster”

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e.Go Monster is the name of the last creature I made for an Art toy exposition to come in Santiago de Chile in October.

This is the first part of a photo report of the process.

In the next part of this report I’ll show the piece finished but now is too soon.

keep in touch!

3 resina A y B X 4 EGO head in the mold X

5 EGO head out the mold X 6 sacando guante de molde X 7 vasos usados X 8 Todas las piezas X 9 repasando ando X 10 dremel X 11 tiempo de lija X 12 pegando piezas X 13 guante y cadena X 14 Pintando cabeza egoboy X 15 pintando guantes dorados X

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